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15th of October 2011


The Moood
The Mood, is an experience for all the senses as you step into their inspiring universe of ethnic furniture, and objects which are gathered from all the world's countries and cultures.
Galleri K
Pilestræde 12 B
1112 Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen Flagship store
In this beautiful, former water distillery, you will find the complete Normann Copenhagen Collection, as well as a wide variety of contemporary lifestyle products, and luxury fashion brands from around the world.
Østerbrogade 70
2100 Copenhagen

Umami is the Japanese word for the fifth taste that your tongue is able to distinguish. We all know sweet, [glucose] sour, [acid] bitter, [quinine] and salt [sodium chloride]. Umami stands for the typical taste of seaweed, or truffle. [monosodium glutamate] If you like the exquisite taste of truffle, you really want to go and have dinner at Umami, and we are sure you will like everything on the menu! The place is also a lounge and club, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, when a DJ spins tunes from a spot near the bar.
Store Kongensgade 59 Kopenhagen
Tel.: 33-38-75-00

13-11-11 / New York
15-10-11 / Frankfurt
15-10-11 / Copenhagen
15-10-11 / Milan
15-10-11 / London
15-10-11 / Paris
15-10-09 / Makkum
15-10-09 / Amsterdam