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15th of October 2011


Tad Concept store
We find the furniture and textile collections, designed and produced by TAD, beautiful. In their concept store in Milan, various styles, cultures, and skills, meet in a modern, contemporary style mix.
Via Statuto 12
20121 Milano

Spazio Rosanna Orlandi
Discover the crème de la crème of design in this labyrinth, well hidden at the Via Matteo Bandello.
Via Matteo Bandello 14/16
20123 Milano
13th of October 2009

Buffalo Mozzerella dishes presented in a place that reminds you of a sushi bar...exclusive, exquisite, and delicious!
Via Mercato 28, Milan

The first time, you could easily pass by the small courtyard where Home is situated, without noticing this wonderful restaurant. But once inside, having enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, and the attentive staff, you will never pass by it again!
Via Tortona 12, Milan
tel.: 028356706


13-11-11 / New York
15-10-11 / Frankfurt
15-10-11 / Copenhagen
15-10-11 / Milan
15-10-11 / London
15-10-11 / Paris
15-10-09 / Makkum
15-10-09 / Amsterdam