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15th of October 2009


Royal Tichelaar Makkum
The Craft Store of Royal Tichelaar Makkum is an inspiring 1.200 square meters of shop floor, devoted to traditional, as well as contemporary styles of ceramic art work. Visitors will find a unique variety of styles, prices, and materials. They might as well enjoy a delicious, traditional lunch, and have a look around the factory. The new shop is a luxury craft store, where tradition attractively flanks contemporary art, or rather, where ceramic art becomes a timeless way of life.
Turfmarkt 65, 8754 CJ Makkum
+31 (0)515.23.13.41

13-11-11 / New York
15-10-11 / Frankfurt
15-10-11 / Copenhagen
15-10-11 / Milan
15-10-11 / London
15-10-11 / Paris
15-10-09 / Makkum
15-10-09 / Amsterdam